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blouie2 | i know dead people

i used to wonder what it would be like to know a dead person.
all the playboy bunnies were older then.
i did not masturbate to pictures of naked women till later.

it was penthouse. a woman was bent over.
i tore scars into my dick over that one.
my initial masturbation phase was dry and violent.
i discovered the instruction pamphlet for tampons.
i used that before penthouse.
the silhouette of a woman inserting a tampon was as erotic as anything i’d seen.
timing is all and everything.

lately i dream of crippled women. shaved clams. old women with hair died jet black.
and then.. dead people. people pariah. dont bring them here.
but wait now he’s dead.
oh yes we loved him. lets have a service. lets lionize him.
what have we learned?
let us worship the memory
of the artist formerly know
as asshole.

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