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Really. C’mon America, you can do it ! The rest of the world will support you.

Make America Great again – take out the trash !

Teenage Mutant Ninja W-T-F!?

No better way to wake up every morning than having a surprised Michelangelo on your honker – He looks equally as surprised to be on this guy’s nose than people who first see this tattoo.

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Last chance to stop the toxic Bayer-Monsanto mega-merger!

As many of our well-informed listeners are aware, that putrid Monster Monsanto is attempting to hide by sliding under the cover of an even greater corporate piece of shit BAYER. Yup, this nazi-collaborating, scumbag mega-company is welcoming the American fuckers with open arms but you can have your say – today – ONLY!

Get the facts.Monsanto, and soon BAYER : “The World’s Most Evil Corporation”

BREAKING NEWS* (August 10, 2018 5:55 P.M. CT) Monsanto was just ordered to pay $289 million to a man who says he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma after spraying Roundup weed killer for two and a half years! You have a very short window between now and early Saturday morning to let the DOJ know just what you think of Monsanto’s products and why these chemical giants must gain no more power over food and agriculture! Read the rest of this entry »

NEWZ! « This is NOT Amerika®

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and THE REST OF THE WORLD attempt to reason with the spoon-fed U.S. schoolboy. EMBARRASSING!

After 10 years at this, we’re bringing back an oldie but goodie. Starting in October 2018, we will crack open the audio vault and re-release highlights and Newlights of our award-winning series on fucked-up America.

We tried to stay away, but this trump fucker just keeps getting stupider and stupider! In short, there is just TOO MUCH FREE comedy GOLD to resist. This MORON keeps handing out beauties that just beg to be fondled…

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Air France 447 presumed to have plunged into the Atlantic Ocean!

Air France 447 hourly update
Horrible, horrible news!
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Russia could strike Poland over U.S. shield

A top Russian general on Friday said Poland’s deal with the United States to set up parts of a missile defence shield on Polish territory lays it open to a possible military strike, a Russian news agency reported. …

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New! Column: Disastrous Dates!

by andrea walker

It’s been said that everyone has a book inside her waiting to be written. I certainly did, and I finally did something about it.

I’m pleased and quite proud to share with you my first book, Another Disastrous Date.”

My goal in writing the book was to communicate with fellow singles that they’re not alone in the journey toward finding that special someone.

What I created (or perhaps more correctly, recounted) in Another Disastrous Date is a light-hearted, funny peek inside my forays into the dating scene. The process of writing was far more therapeutic than any of my sessions “on the couch,” and the book has proven equally therapeutic for my friends and others who’ve read it. Quite simply, it’s an easy read that provides welcome laughter to anyone who’s been – or is going through – “Dating Hell.”

I have appalling bad taste in men and for a long time I was positive I was the only one out there implanted with a “Disastrous Date” magnet.

While writing this book, I learned a few interesting things about myself. Over the years, I spent a great deal of time primping and preening for dates, dropped an enormous amount of money on shoes, and didn’t realized until very late in the game that I was the poster child for what can only be termed as Bad Choices Syndrome. So what saved me from going over the deep end? Writing. It’s definitely the poor woman’s version of great psychiatric therapy.

Still dating, ever hopeful, and proud first time author, until next time.


Andrea Walker

Please leave any “dating related” questions in the form below. I promise i will get back to you as fast as possible!

Andrea’s first book serves as an hysterical and outrageous account of un-ordinary events inside the dating world. If you too feel like you can’t find just one normal person to date out there, then I recommend you order her book and discover that you are not alone!

–  Mr. Anonymous

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This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

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