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South London’s LOST IN SPACE

Lost in Space is my band we play our own skull rock blend of music. we are looking for gigs, so get in touch if you are a promotor or venue owner. we are in the south London area and willing to travel, we would enjoy playing at festivals also.

Deb singer/acoustic guitar, David electric guitar, , Bob Drums. Skull rock is guitar driven with a tribal heavy tom drum feel. the vocals are sung with angst and passion. The lirics range from philosophical to plain childish. Lost in Space are free to explore the cosmic universe in their spaceship of Skullrock, its out of this world!
Lost in Space were 3 people that first met in 1992 thanks to good old Irish Dave. Bob Wond our pro drummer from Under Two Flags (back in the punk day’s) was introduced to us David & Deb Elthalion who had just finished our first band colaboration together ToTenTanz, due to yet another drummer exploding. we had our first play with Bob in a mutual friends flat on a then right dodgy estate in Peckham. we all new that day, that playing together was just what we wanted to do, & we did for 3 years having the best time of our lifes. in 1995 we were at the hight of the Lost in Space career enjoying pick of the week in melody maker & burying every band we played with, sucses was ours. then an incredible oppotunity came along for Bob, Through his pro connections & obvious drum talents he was offerd a deal with BAD Big Audio Dynermight it ment big gigs in the USA money & the chance for Bob to work with teenage hero from the Clash Mik Jones.We were very sad to loose Bob but if we were offerd all that we may have wanted to do, so we stayed friends & parted amicabley. then one day in the sumer of 2007 David & i was at home writting a new song when there was a knock at the doore its Bob he wants to get lost in space back together again. His timeing was perfect together we have written 10 new songs creating a new sound that is Skull Rock. SKULL ROCK ROCKS even with out a bass even if we play with accustic guitars. we love to play loud with electric guitars Bob has a tribal feel to his drumming using only a floor tom accusticly even when he plays the full kit with the electrics he still creates that rolling tom sound. it has been good not having a bass to reley on for the low tones it has helped us to develope a sound. so now The future for LOST IN SPACE is lots of playing & lots of recording.We are looking to book the band some decent gigs because we feel we can put on an alternative skull rock show to entertain any skull rock audiance.

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