Anonymous® Radio Show

The Internet's Premier LIVE Programme™

Listener Feedback

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Provocative discussions on a variety of content with our ever-expanding International audience adds to the shared experience that is the Internet.

We present fascinating guests, engaged in stimulating conversation plus great music.

Our audience spans the globe and so do we. Listen in Monday through Thursday at 10pm GMT

Also included are various other musings such as our trademark hijinx : Anonymous® Callz™

What the critics are saying:

“He calls YOU! – whatever you do, DON’T hang up!”

“He’s put the RADical back in RADio – BASTARD!”

“If you’re happy with listening to “mainstream” radio stations that play nothing but commercials sprinkled with an occasional (boring, trite) song, then this show probably isn’t for you.”

“If you want to listen to interesting content that you wouldn’t normally hear; tune in!”

“I LOVE this show!” (is it normal for my pannies to be wet?)

The 5.1 Companion Podshow:

“It’s insightful, informative and a riot to listen to!”

“INTENSE!!! …it’s like NPR on Crack!!

“Avant-garde… sharp, BITING social commentary!”

“An acquired taste; eccentric and unusual”

“His Identity is a Secret from Everyone, including himself!™

“A brilliant broadcaster on a quest for world domination …One station, one nation at a time”