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WHY are so many Amerikins “gun-retarded?”

Big hairy man monkey thing

Big hairy man monkey thing

Maybe it’s because their male children are unfairly influenced by that country’s penchant for military service? Read the rest of this entry »

Slackin’ on | Path of Life

TimSo my friend Tim comes over yesterday. Tim is homeless. Lives at the county run homeless shelter. Path of life rings a bell. Read the rest of this entry »

Amerika | not making this shit up!!

STIGMATA | moron make-believe

Here’s a 10-yr old movie, FOR 10-yr olds!!! (what a load of crap!!) Do these people think everyone is a retard? I am never going out for a movie and a beer ever again. Mother Superior can kiss my ass!

Even MORE retard backgrounder:

Crappy Presence | Is this an acceptable Fathers Day gift?

This is a real product - I shit you not...

BREEZY SEAT air freshening toilet seat. WTF!?

Read the rest of this entry »

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