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Minority Report Interface News

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Imagine if you will, a glass kitchen table top or a dining room table top. When you sit down, the top appears to be plain glass, but when you place your cell phone on top of it, the glass spring to life and all the data that’s on the phone is suddenly spread out in front of you. Like in the movie Minority Report. Only rather than vertical, the information is horizontal.

The cellphone *talks* to the surface, you tell it where you want to go and suddenly the floor plans, everything that pertains to the house in question is on the table. Next the designer places a tablet, like a Playbook, on the smart surface, which brings up three dimensional details of the house. The designer is able to travel to the exact room where the changes in light fixtures and door handles are to be done and start fiddling around in a 3D space. For more information :

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  Mr. Anonymous® wrote @

Talk about over complicating ordering 3 door handles & a lamp!


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