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unknown-comic.jpgAll day you have the opportunity to laugh. Serious lives call for serious down-time. Yet many of us have very busy lives that often do not afford the time to meet this crucial part of living.

STRESS, overblown mortgages, Car payments, shitty bosses, Diapers, Fucking the husband/wife, babysitter, dog…

COMEDY shapes the way we live. How many times have you felt yourself overwhelmed only to suddenly have it all bleed-away… quickly, uproariously, like a heartfelt chuckle you NEEDED…

Here are a few simple guidelines to help cut down on the out-of-control FORWARDERS!! (You know who you are!!)



NOT Funny….

Just fucking GROSS !




Judgment Call…




This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

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  Emma wrote @

For what its worth, the layout is undoubtedly wonderful. You know how to balance writing and images/videos. Nonetheless, I cant get over how little you really bring to light here. I feel that everyones said the same factor that youve said over and over once again. Dont you think its time for some thing much more?

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