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Heaven | Open for Inspection

HeavensGateThe pearly gates are whispering
“Come in, come in”, they’re beckoning
“Everyone welcome without exception,
Heaven is now open for inspection”

It happens ev’ry second millenium
The old and young join hands in procession
Wild crowds in excited delirium
Preparing to sound eternal questions

Eager they are for their maker to meet
As they are escorted down bejewelled streets
Golden lamplight ‘neath the opaque midnight
Angels bright; saffron smiles of sunlight

Some waltz with Michael
Others foxtrot with Gabriel
The quiter ones converse with Uriel
Or humbly pray with blessed Archangels

Some recite to rosary beads
Or bow in shame for dastardly deeds
Many decide another direction
Perhaps its time for their confession

But non-sensical religion has no basis here
After the corrupt have stolen their souls for years
After the brainwashing virus has played with their minds
Good-hearted samaritans discover truth this time

Downstairs there’s a different assortment, of course,
Where black-eyed demons screech a different chorus
Where the jackals invite their contemporaries in
Into their decrepit world of middle-aged sin

This is where we think a bit
For Hades continues to deliver its cesspit
Satan created christianity
To confuse us all into insanity!

Instinctively we know what is right, what is wrong
But to educate us continuously from very young
That desire is unnatural, dirty, unholy
Now that is the part that genuinely irks me

There are two signs on two gates
Which path will you take?
Natural evil or the path to perfection
The conclaves now are open for inspection

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