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Atheists vs Christians? | you’re both a bunch of dickwads!

Recently, Blair Scott, the director- leader- chief- whateverthefuck- of a group called American Atheists appeared on the Fox News program, America Live, via telephone to piss and moan about the Trade Center Cross, which came into existence because of the attacks against the U.S.A. on September 11th.

The cross was fashioned from broken I-beams of the fallen World Trade Center, and it stood on Ground Zero for ten years.  The placement of the cross at the World Trade Center Memorial has been stopped by Blair and his fellow heathens, who have a filed a fucking lawsuit; apparently, the fact that they are Oh!-fen-ded is reason enough to waste the time, energy and monetary resources of their government and fellow tax-payers.

Supposedly, the Atheists are throwing sand on the playground because some of the victims of the 9/11 terrorists attacks were Jewish and Muslim.

Dude.  You’re atheists.  What the fuck do you care?

Fox News had recieved something like 8,000 death wishes; moderators busted their asses to remove the posts.  But you all know how the internet works…

Most of the enraged left posts stating that God should kill the atheists and that the atheist group should burn in hell.  My favorites were those posts that  read, “Kill them.  Kill them all.”

Because killing a person simply for the opinion that he is a fucking ginormous twat should be common practice.  Because it’s okay to kill in the name of God.  Especially if you are a Christian.

These days, everyone has a cause to fight for.  The question is whether or not the crusade for justice is truly for justice, or a way for attention-whores to alleviate some boredom.  I am offended by Blair Scott.  I think that any human being that shows such blatant disregard for another is an abhorrent individual.

When the cross was blessed, it was not blessed solely for Christians, but for everyone.

During the course of ten years, the Trade Center Cross has accumulated countless names of  perished civilians and those who died as heros.  The cross is a memorial in it’s own right.  Why doesn’t Mr. Scott and his band of heartless asshats do it up right and just walk around spitting in the faces of people who mourn the loss of their loved ones?  Those are not only names that have been carved or written upon that cross…

I am offended by Blair Scott, not because he is an atheist or seemingly un-American.  I am offended by Blair Scott on a basic, human level.

But not in the grand and merciful name of my Christian God, do I wish the man dead.  Why do the holy-rollers get their panties in a bunch over the death penalty, or over killing in general, yet as soon as someone rubs them the wrong way, they’re like, “God hates you, motherfucker!  You’re gonna die!  God is gonna give you a slow painful death and then you’re gonna burn in hell while your family gets to go up to heaven and eat cupcakes with Jesus!”

Shame on ALL of you people.

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