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Australia’s Most Beautiful Woman

Moi Yoi Miller (350_x_545)

MAGICAL: Moi-Yo Miller

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Moi-Yo Miller was the stage name of Loretta Miller (born 1914), an Australian who became famous as principal assistant to the stage magician Dante.

Miller first met Dante (aka Harry Jansen) while still in her late teens when she was appearing in a musical revue in Brisbane. Dante had decided to recruit an Australian girl as an assistant after, in his words, “he saw in Melbourne more beautiful women per square block than he had seen in any other part of the World”.

Moi-Yo Miller

Moi-Yo was Dante's co-star for 25 years

Miller dated Dante and went on to work with him for the rest of his performing career. She very quickly became his main assistant and an integral part of his show Sim Sala Bim. She was often billed as “Australia’s Most Beautiful Woman”. She has estimated that she was sawed in half around 11,800 times during her career.

Miller became highly regarded among professional magic performers and is widely cited as one of the all-time great magic assistants.


Dante the Magician

Dante (Harry Jansen), 1883-1955

Sim Sala Bim!

Harry August Jansen, now known in every part of the world as “Dante, the Magician,” was born in Copenhagen. At an early age he set out on his travels, accompanying his parents on a rapid tour of the world, passing through India, Japan, China, Australia, and New Zealand before finally settling down in America at Chicago.

Here Dante was educated, but the young Dante’s thoughts wandered often from the dull subjects of the school curriculum. His head was full of dreams and recollections of his travels. His boyish dreams centered for the most part around his memories of the Indian Fakirs, whose mysteries had fascinated him as a child.

“Sim-Sala-Bim” which he used as his magic words, was Dante’s trademark.

At the age of seven the young Dante, who was at first not happy as a foreigner among American children in an American school, managed to impress his school fellows with a trick of his own invention. This consisted simply of a brass button which could be made to disappear by means of a piece of elastic which connected it to the inside of his sleeve. From those humble beginnings, Dante became a magic superstar!


He was often billed as “King of Magicians”.

Dante WAS a magician in every sense of the word! His acceptance by the public around the world garnered him a theatrical record unequalled even to this date, and the art of magic owes him a debt that can never be repaid.

Dante toured the world with his show, lighting up the stage with his commanding presence.

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