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Whether you’re pulling your hair out over finals, your mom’s incessant phone calls or the fact that your roommate refuses to use ear buds while you’re studying, it’s easy to lose your cool. We have all been there. However, there are many healthy ways to deal with college stressors in healthy ways. For the purpose of this blog, I did some research on stress relief and would love nothing more than to share my findings with you

1) Realize that the stress you are dealing with is very normal. While some show their stress all over their faces, others have the unique ability to keep cool as a cucumber at all times.

2) Get some shut-eye. While you are stressed, sleep seems like the last thing on your infinite to-do list. If I learned one thing outside of the classroom, it’s not to sacrifice my sleep. Pulling “all nighters” is not worth it. If you are pressed for time, make sure you at least catch a few z’s and then get up early. Otherwise, you will not think clearly and your time will not be spent efficiently.

3) Walk it off. I’m sure you feel like you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off and have zero time to complete your tasks. Before you have a meltdown or lash out on your roommate, take a break for a brisk walk or a couple minutes on the elliptical. By exercising, you will release some brain-boosting, feel-good endorphins and be ready to complete your task list, call your family or whatever it is that has you a’stressin’! I like to hit up a yoga class and focus on my breathing. I get a good sweat in and some time to clear my head.

4) Chat with a friend. One of my favorite things to do is call my friend Caroline in Oregon. When things are going crazy in my life, I give her a ring and we just catch up, vent and have some serious laughs. Talking with her gives me an opportunity to forget about my stress and catch up with someone I care about. They do say that laughing is the best cure!

5) If all else fails – it time for sex! Alone or with company…


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