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Female Skiers for Breast Cancer

A group of female skiers – both professional and amateur – have banded together to collaborate on a project that will raise awareness for breast cancer; a disease that affects one in nine women.

The Rad Boob Club, a collective of ladies who met skiing in Golden, BC, has created a calendar highlighting the feminine strength of female skiers. (There aren’t actually any visible boobs in this calendar, contrary to its name.)

2010 calendars are available on the website for CAD$25 plus $5 shipping and handling. The Rad Boob gals are making their way to ski areas across North America to sell their calendars in person and raise further funds for breast cancer. They plan to raise $10,000 to donate to Rethink Breast Cancer.

Next Tuesday, December 22, Radboob is hosting a fund-raising event at the Garibaldi Lift Co. (GLC) in Whistler.

The ladies will be selling their calendars and there will be several featured slide-shows and films about a recent ski trip to BC’s Monarch Ice field. Doors are at 9pm.

There are a few big name skiers who have associated themselves with the calendar, including Ingrid Backstrom, Lynsey Dyer and Grete Eliassen.

A few Whistler-based ladies are also featured in the calendar: Sarah Frood, Tessa Treadway, Amy McDermid and Holly Walker, who contributed to the design phase as well.

A number of professional photographers have also contributed to the project. Locals Jordan Manley, Eric Berger and Dave Mossop (Rocky Mountain Sherpas) are among the list. Ski website Doglotion is also part of the project.

Lynsey Dyer’s Words of Wisdom on the Rad Boob website are: “How Alive are you willing to feel? What would your life be for if you already had everything you ever wanted?”

Perhaps, this sums up the reason why these ladies have committed to this cause just as much as it explains why they are so passionate about the mountains they call home.

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  Brenda wrote @

Happy Holidays! In recent years, a number of exciting new treatments for breast cancer have become available. Many of these treatments are called targeted therapies because they target specific characteristics of cancer cells and don’t harm healthy, normal cells. New targeted therapies are emerging on a regular basis, and the results of clinical trials and studies of these new medications are encouraging. Knowledge is power and together we can make a difference!


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