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Update | MORE Tazer Bullshit…

An inquiry report released Tuesday concludes (name withheld) who died in November 2008 of “excited delirium” (totally bogus term coined by Taser International, manufacturer and seller of stun-guns) was brought on by cocaine in his body.

(Name withheld) was being restrained by four city police officers who had been called to investigate a possible break and enter.

The report described (name withheld) as jumping and diving off walls when police found him. He fought against officers for several minutes during the arrest then, according to police, was “very still and did not look like he was doing well.’’ – er, ah, DEAD looks a lot like that ! (Morons)

The 30-year-old had also been Tasered, although the stun gun did not appear to work. Provincial court Judge (name withheld) recommends the national Association of Chiefs of Police create a database to record and share details about deaths due to “excited delirium.” (ergo, NOT a Taser – yeah, RIGHT!! )

Also known as autonomic hyperarousal, the condition is characterized by increased strength, paranoia and suddenly violent behaviour. It is further marked by profuse sweating and an elevated heart rate.

For the same rationale as a provincial system is required, similar reporting on a national scale would provide an enormous amount of data upon which the Canadian police chiefs could conduct research,’’ wrote (name withheld)

Canada has seen it's share of deaths by taser

The judge said there should be consistent and enforced reporting on police use of force in such cases. She also said police agencies need to annually train officers about excited delirium.

(name withheld) noted that local city police are already training officers about the condition, but it’s not being done throughout the province.

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