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POETRY | Ladybird Curse

The ladybirds rehearse in the garden of the menagerie
Reciting their verse; the precursor for matrimony
Little lady ladybirds emerging in swarms
From pupae and larvae to face their new dawn

The ladybirds converse, excited yet scared
Winking with pleasure from the tales they have heard
Anticipating leisure from fables since shared
The ladybirds weather the storm quite prepared
Colourful creatures; so gentle in flight
The ladybirds nest on lustrous foliage this night
Yet be warned that patience eventually wears thin
When ladybirds are cannibals and you are their sin!

Ladybirds require only love in return
They congregate gaily and willingly learn
Preparing their sequins as they discuss the great ball
The ladies question the sense in it all

One lovely, loose-leashed beetle is here
Most hate beetles but ladybirds never show fear
We are elegant and dainty, happy to oblige
If you ask us to waltz be prepared for surprise!

Here is the secret, the greatest of all,
Our lives might not last long but after the ball
And (each ladybird jots this in her diary)
Copulation lasts for 15-60 minutes typically
(And for those who are so lucky
Can extend for a few hours or even days)!

The ladybirds laze and rephrase their verse
A sight to behold until they suddenly curse
“The gardeners are coming! Be silent and hide”
Big boots, March-men, ladies trodden inside

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