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This weekend’s lazy ass movie is called: CUCK

A little something that showed up in the download cue WITH mixed reviews.

Poor, sad America – this portrayal hits so close to home, that all the right-wing assholes have taken to bashing the shit out of this fucker. Too bad, because that means those boys in need of MENTAL HELP the most won’t get a chance to see themselves reflected here and won’t seek treatment.

I’m only 22 minutes in, but ALL the signs are there. The shitty mother, probation officer, dead soldier father, inept 20 something protagonist, AMERICA the fucking toilet, the constant foxcrap yammering from TALK RADIO (YIKES) racism at the corner convenience store… maan this fucker reads like a book. A baad book.

THE ACTING (Zachary Ray Sherman) IS SUPERB! Our victim is overweight (America) and I can’t help wondering if those big hairy nipples helped get him the part. ANGRY YOUNG MAN. It’s been done to death, but I smell something brewing and I’m convinced the body count is going ZUP. This movie just came out 2 days ago.

If you’ve ever wondered WHERE the “active shooters” are coming from, watch this movie! I’ve got another 90 minutes to go, but I’m sure that’s where this is headed…

To be continued…

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  Fuck Fox wrote @

I’m loving that our hero works at LARRY”S (who else?) Auto Body Shop ROTFL !


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