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Xplosive e-mail rocks the RCMP Taser inquiry!


New evidence contradicting RCMP police testimony has derailed a Canadian inquiry.

VANCOUVER, B.C., CANADA – One single sentence contained in an email between RCMP brass in the weeks after Robert Dziekanski died has derailed a public inquiry, raising questions yet again about the testimony of four police officers and prompting calls for further investigation of the national police force.
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WEAKENED? Copz | 4 on ONE!


Just listen to the jerkoffs over at Taser Int’l as they attempt to build hollywood EXCITEMENT from police brutality!! What a bunch of fucking ignorant morons.  But HEY! – They’re making MONEY, money money money money…. Hahahahahahaha!!! It’s the AMERICUN WAY!!

Taser use draws Amnesty’s ire


OTTAWA – An international human rights report fingers the RCMP use of Tasers, noting that the controversial stun guns are the subject of a public inquiry in Canada and that six people died last year after being stunned by police.
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Pastor’s rights ignored, receives taser blast instead…

This occured on the night of April 14/15, 2009

  • I told them I was a US citizen.
  • I told them I was on a business trip.
  • I told them I had no drugs or humans in the car.

That wasn’t enough. They wanted to search the car, and I invoked my 4th amendment rights. I was IN the United States!!! I had crossed no international border!!!

I DID NOT RESIST OR FIGHT BACK. YET I WAS TAZERED REPEATEDLY AND SHOVED IN BROKEN GLASS!  As Benjamin Franklin said, ” Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” Smart Guy. Franklin nevered dreamed that we would have checkpoints within our borders where citizens would be searched and beaten by Federal Agents.



Steve Tuttle, Slimy Salesman

A “Taser” is an electroshock weapon meant to stun (not kill) a targeted “subject” (a.k.a. HUMAN BEING) from a distance. Almost 1,000 deaths! (so far.)

Currently there are two main models, the M26 and X26. Both come with various “accessories” (who DOESN’T love accessories!!), including a laser sight and mounted digital video camera that can record in low light situations. Taser International is also marketing a civilian model called the C2. (PROFITS!)

Click on this image for the hidden truth...

Click on this image for the hidden truth...

Taser is also in talks with the US Marine Corps in creating the “XREP” (eXtended Range Electronic Projectile), a wireless taser round that can be fired from a shotgun. (Holy Crap!) it’s ROBOCOPS!


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Quebec orders police to turn in Tasers

The Quebec government is gradually pulling all its Taser stun guns off the street for testing after new lab results revealed problems with some of the weapons.

The Quebec government found problems with five Taser X26 stun guns, sparking a provincewide recall of the weapons. (Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press)

The Quebec government found problems with five Taser X26 stun guns, sparking a provincewide recall of the weapons. (Canadian Press)

Quebec was the first province to order testing of the stun guns after a CBC/Radio-Canada investigation showed some used by Canadian police did not meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

The province sent 52 stun guns made before 2005 to an independent lab for testing. Five of them performed outside normal range.

With the results in hand, Quebec Public Security Minister Jacques Dupuis ordered all of the province’s police departments to send their Taser stun guns to the lab for testing. The recall affects 167 weapons.

“I want the experts to check those guns. If they are malfunctioning, they should be taken out [of use],” Dupuis said Friday. Read the rest of this entry »

Tasered | Australian cop gets schooled!

Man headbutts cop in Australia for tasering

Look again. 2 guys, seven cops. WHY do you need a taser? “Pocket-Policing” has got to stop.  Keep those cellphone videos coming!!


McLeods not guilty of assaulting cop
March 13, 2009   Article from: PerthNow

A FATHER and his two sons have been found not guilty of assaulting policeman Matthew Butcher, left partly paralysed after he was head-butted in a brawl.

A District Court jury yesterday found Robert McLeod, 56, and his two sons Barry McLeod, 29, and Scott James McLeod, 35, not guilty of eight charges laid after the fight at Joondalup’s Old Bailey Tavern in February last year.

The verdict has sparked concerns from the police union that officers are no longer protected? when carrying out their duties.

Gallery: Pictures from the shock McLeod verdicts
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