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WHY is this stoopid fuck still in the running for prez?

So i zip across the pond for Paris in the Spring – fly back 10 days later and ol’ pecker-head STILL hasn’t been neutered? SERIOUSLY – the clown show is over America.


STOP fucking around! Obama is leaving and ain’t coming back. “People get ready” is not just a great lyric, now IS the time to pick up the pieces and start to restore your country to it’s former glory. Hilary’s your best bet – Trump, not so much.



baby-bottle The heart of the abortion matter is not a debate about when life begins.

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Planned Parenthood: The Devil of Republican America!

Yet again, I have obtained information regarding the perpetual plight of Planned Parenthood that boils my piss.
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Fact: Each year, one Million American teenagers become pregnant, and 78% of these pregnancies are unintended.

Four in every five young Americans begin having intercourse before age 20. Many of the youngest women in this group (70% of those age 13 or under) report having had sex forced on them. By the time they turn 20, about 40% of American women have been pregnant at least once. Many of these young women have little understanding of their bodies and have begun having sexual intercourse before knowing about ways to prevent pregnancy. 15

Because teens in other developed countries receive more education about sexuality and have more access to contraception and family planning services, they have much lower rates of pregnancy and abortion. For example, in the Netherlands, where teenage sexual activity is about the same as in the U.S., pregnancy rates are only one-ninth those of the United States.

This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

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Are you opposed to anal beads?

Are any of you fully and truly aware of the incredible suction power the asshole possesses?

Do you realize that the intestinal walls do not register pain? It is for these reasons that great care must be practiced when using anal beads or any other sex toys that you, for some inexplicable reason, feel the need to ram up your ass.

This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

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Currently in production: Planned Parenthood

NEW! An invitation to participate in the shaping of our shows. WE ARE LISTENING TO YOU!

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Why Don’t You Try Being Anti-Stupid?

It has come to my attention that a coalition of anti-choice assholes has launched an attack on Planned Parenthood. This fall, they will be campaigning in cities across America, targeting Planned Parenthood facilities because, and I directly quote, “Planned Parenthood offices face little opposition on a consistent basis, allowing them to conduct harmful business without hindrance.”

I want to make it plain, and I haven’t the slightest reservation about saying this, that I am pro-life. I think that abortions are a vile act of the worst kind. But abortion is not the issue I am concerned with, although Planned Parenthood does provide said services, along with counseling, both pre and post.

My beef is that Planned Parenthood offers health care to woman who might not otherwise receive it. They offer birth control methods to women who might not otherwise receive it. I believe that these services are of the highest importance. 86% of the decline in teen pregnancies is due to effective contraceptive use!  94% of parents say that contraception should be covered in sex education, but our fucking government is pushing abstinence only programs, which I view as a gross injustice and straight up negligence.

People are going to keep having sex even if they don’t have a health care provider.

Couples are going to keep having sex even if they can’t afford birth control due to either lack of insurance or because their fucking co-pays are not affordable to them. Planned Parenthood offers birth control for affordable rates whether you have insurance or not. They offer women’s health care whether you have insurance or not.

In short, I am right, and you holy rolling asshole, anti-birth control shitheads are wrong. So here it is….

Drum roll please…

FUCK YOU! fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

[Ed: You fucking FUCKS! – NOW you done gone and pissed Pammy OFF! – YOU’RE not the ones who have to watch her stomp around the office – THROWING SHIT at MY head cuz you fuckers are so goddamned Holier-than-thou! – go fuck somebody wouldja… you’ll see, you’ll LIKE it !! (and WEAR A FUCKING CONDOM YA FUCKING FUCKS!!]

(wHEW!! – THAT FELT good ! tHANKS pAMMY.

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