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Happy FAT New Year?

IMG_0115Yep – it’s the same old shit again. The “New” Year is here!

That magic time when the promise of a new beginning is at it’s zenith; full of hope for the bigger, better, bestest life you could ever have. Soooo… wtf are you going to do different?

Therein lies the rub. Most will make the customary and expected resolutions :

  • “i’ll never drink again – except maybe friday
  • “imma never gonna take it up the ass again!
  • “This fucking job has gotta go – I’m leaving it
  • “I’m going to give less time to work and more for me

AND for many the perennials like “i’m going to drink less coffees this year and the all time winner – imma JOIN A GYM and lose this fat ass forever. By March that bullshit statement bites the dust and porky is eating even MORE CRAP to deal with her disappointment!!

So… HELP! Motherfucker instead of just stating the obvious !!


During my re-education and subsequent road back to personal fitness, i heard a few statements that stuck:

“If you’re not going to prepare your own food, the INDUSTRIAL FOOD GIANTS are only too willing to do it for you !!”

“FAT enters the body in only *** ONE *** way – on the tip of your fork !” (You don’t adsorb fat by walking past the cookie counter) although some losers may claim it does.


To be continued…

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Fighting evil by moonlight
Winning love by daylight
Never really operating any kind of boat
She is the one named Sailor Moon


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