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Will Apple ever show these product announcements live on the web?

Live blogging of the Apple event will begin at 1 p.m., East Coast time. The announcement is expected to focus mostly on a new iPad, but there could be something new with Apple TV.


Tim Cook has taken the stage — in an untucked shirt. Bold! He is talking about “the post-PC revolution — a world where the PC is not the center of your digital world, but just another device.” Lays out the three post-PC devices: iPod, iPhone and iPad.

“The iPad is reinventing portable computing and outstripping the wildest expectations.”

Apple sold 172 million such devices in 2011, and they brought in 76 percent of revenue in the fourth quarter. Mr. Cook says the retail stores are important to the post-PC shopper — the devices are new to many people, and people need to get familiar with them. (As opposed to, say, Kindles, which are often bought online.)

Apple’s new store in Amsterdam is its largest. Mr. Cook is now showing us the Apple Store in Grand Central Terminal, and a video of people who are excited about it.

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