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Windows users targeted in scam

The scam involves conning Windows users into granting remote access to their PCs, upon which scammers will look for sensitive personal data

IT experts are warning Windows users to remain vigilant following news of a new telephone scam being operated by cyber criminals.

The scam involves conning people into unwittingly giving full remote administrative access to their Windows PC. This scam can appear very convincing as callers claim to be from Windows Support Centre and offer to remove viruses from the victim’s computer remotely. Calls are made from a London telephone number, making the scam harder to spot.

“Individuals should be on guard for any unexpected phone calls of this nature. It might sound legitimate, especially if you have been suffering from a virus around the same time as the call, but error reports would never be submitted to external sources and chased up in this way. “Once the group has gained access to the user’s machine, they will undoubtedly look to extort as much valuable information as they can.”

Courtesy of Jamie Lawrence

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