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baby-bottle The heart of the abortion matter is not a debate about when life begins.

Abortion is a common daily occurrence in almost every country of the world. Only the law and the conditions under which abortions are performed vary from place to place and time to time.

Anti-Abortion Propaganda

Anti-abortion activists claim that medical abortion is unsafe for women, even though there is no evidence to support this claim.

The real goal of those activists is to stop all types of legal abortion – a situation which would put the lives and health of women in danger. When abortion was illegal in the United States (from the late 1800s until 1973), more pregnant women died from complications from self-induced abortions or abortions performed by untrained practitioners than from any other cause. Today, abortion is one of the most common and safest medical procedures.

Because earlier abortions are the safest, medical abortion is an important medical advance for women, and an option that many choose.

dical Procedure
or Soul Sacrifice?


  debespace wrote @

I believe that if there is a God then he is a penis and the holy crusade is to reproduce.
I believe it is a gift from God to have a baby even if a child is not what you were expecting, it will change your life for the better as it is a spiritual high.

Some women seem to be able to put their feelings for their aborted babys aside; not appearing bothered at all. But i have met other women that have had abortions whom have obviously never got over it and have then been unable to ever have any more children.

I have a child with Downs Syndrome. We were told a week after her birth she was Downs, had i had known she was Downs during pregnancy there is no way i would have had an abortion. She is a gift as are all my 5 children.

Choice seems to be the only way BUT I would not advise anyone to have an abortion, and young women should be detered by the clinics as much as posible, because life is sacred.


  HatesIgnoramuses wrote @

“I believe that if there is a God then he is a penis and the holy crusade is to reproduce.”

Debespace you obviously have a brain the size of a pea. I’ve never heard anything so stupid in my life.


  Mr. Anonymous® wrote @

I “hate?” (stupid) ignoramuses too… but at the risk of pointing out the obvious, your ignorance has led you to COMPLETELY miss Debbie’s point[s]…

I approved your “hater” comment in the best interest of FREE SPEECH. You’re welcome to embarrass yourself further.



  Cynthia wrote @

“People other than the mother have a right to protect the fetus” – MOTHER WILL DECIDE.

After reading the article you quoted, one would swear that if and when a woman CHOOSES to abort a fetus growing inside her, she’s in for every evil known to the american propaganda machine :: single-parent families, poverty, 70% of the relationships end, Guilt, “the law” (hate crimes:-), child battering and infanticide, nightmares, hemorrhage, Seizures, Coma, Cancer, Death… The only thing missing in their propaganda piece is how long before she burns in hell…!


  Mr. Anonymous® wrote @

Thanks Cindy. I agree completely. Fear seems to be their – over the top response to these weighty subjects. Reminiscent of the “scare-them-straight” strategy.

Laugable if it were not so sad…


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