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Connoisseur of Kisses (A Birthday Poem)

The lady is waiting for truth to be found
As all her sentiments stumble around
Like a little tin soldier beats his little tin drum, Her heart palpitates to the heat from his sun

Sometimes she lights her birthday cake
And she waits…and she waits, for pity’s sake
Sometimes she throws homemade bread in the lake
The swans turn their grace in disgust with distaste

His halo diminishes her glow
She hides inside the lullabies of shadows
She blows out his aura quenching her wishes
All she needs is the connoisseur of kisses

And this delicacy is absorbed by the warmth
Of the charm of the gentleman breathing his scorn
He is the dragon extinguishing candles
Smouldering the lust she cannot handle

And the birthday cake falls to the floor
In slow motion, flames and all
Her heart simmers sadly as her room’s aglow
He comes sadly in nightly sorrow

The gentleman’s halo
Alights the cake
That the lady patiently waits for

In these cold winter days
She fears the storm
Of the flagellant man of eternal scorn

The flames rise
As the embers simmer
and her breath is left
No more

As she treads on the cake
And out the door
Into the moors
Of tomorrow

And she wonders
“Will he follow?”

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