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Why Social Media needs supervision !

Stifling creativity the AMERICAN way!

WWW | “rien ne vas plus?”

Under pressure from the music and film industries, France had pushed hard for tough measures against illegal downloaders. French President Nicolas Sarkozy had advocated a “three strikes and you’re out” rule, under which Internet use would be tracked and users caught downloading would be warned twice before their Internet access would be cut off for a year. Britain is also considering such a move, lawmakers said. Read the rest of this entry »

Liskula Cohen | New York City’s Skankiest Whore?


Jewish Princess calls in a favor?

What the fuck is this crap I’m reading? Some chick calls another a skanky whore and the second chick pulls a lawyer out of her pocket?

NEWS FLASH: We don’t give a good goddamn what you think about Skanks in NYC Ms. Cohen, this is THE INTERNET and there are NO lawyer scumbags allowed, and NO SKANKS (YES, YOU!) Either!MegaFone

What a fucking crock of SHIT!
Seems Liskula Cohen may be a skank
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Murdering Marines | In-Bed with Biased U.S. Reporters

red_riding_hoodRead this crap:

As Marines push into Afghan town, fire from ‘360’ By ALFRED de MONTESQUIOU – Associated Press Writer – August 13, 2009

U.S. aircraft and missiles (purportedly the “good guys”) pounded Taliban (the “evil fucks” – ie: Team “B”) mountainside positions around Dahaneh on Thursday as Marines pushed through mudbrick compounds (a lot like Little Red Riding Hood’s PIG HOUSES) searching for militants in the second day of fighting to seize this strategic southern town.

Also in the south, four NATO service members — three British and one American — were killed in separate explosions Thursday, military officials said.

Hmmmm… dead soldiers in a WAR ZONE – GO FIGURE!)
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WEAKENED? Copz | 4 on ONE!


Just listen to the jerkoffs over at Taser Int’l as they attempt to build hollywood EXCITEMENT from police brutality!! What a bunch of fucking ignorant morons.  But HEY! – They’re making MONEY, money money money money…. Hahahahahahaha!!! It’s the AMERICUN WAY!!

America is a corrupt, sick society driven by GREED, intimidation, violence and fear. The USA will continue to implode indefinitely.

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