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Oh CANADA! | Happy 144th !!

CANADA has had a great past few years. Our dollar has surpassed the US currency in value and with a majority government now in place, expect that stability to only increase.

Not to mention Canada is a great place to live. Especially if you have children. Safe, secure, smiling and simply perfect, Canada celebrates itself today – HAPPY CANADA DAY everyone!

Canada Day, also affectionately referred to as Canada’s Birthday, is a federal statutory holiday celebrating the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, enactment of the British North America Act, today called the Constitution Act, 1867, which united three British colonies into a single country, called Canada within the British Empire.

A lot of Americans are incredibly ignorant of their neighbor-to-the-north. Since they think they OWN North America, it seems perfectly natural to them that Canada be the 55th state. (Iraq, Iran and any other country they bring “democra-see” to counted as the 50X states 🙂

Here’s more of what they didn’t teach you in history class:

1st up – Canadian PEOPLE – since 90% of Americans can only relate to their world when it’s framed inside HOLLYWOOD, here are a few “i didn’t know s/he was NOT an AMERICAN!” :

A few well known Canadians

Paul Anka, Singer-songwriter and actor
Jim Carrey, Comedian and actor
Michael J. Fox Actor, producer, activist
Rene Gagnon, US marine hero
Robert Goulet, Singer and actor
Solomon Juneau, Founder of Milwaukee
Jack Kerouac, Poet and writer
Paul LePage, Governor of Maine
Alanis Morissette, Singer-songwriter
Rudy Vallée, Saxophone player

and of course, William Shatner, aka Captain James T. Kirk!

American cities founded or named after Canadians

Biloxi, founded by Pierre LeMoyne d’Iberville
Bourbonnais named after François Bourbonnais
Dubuque, named after Julien Dubuque
Juneau, named after Joe Juneau
Mobile, founded by Pierre LeMoyne d’Iberville
New Orleans, founded by Lemoyne de Bienville
Saint Louis, founded by René Auguste Chouteau
Saint Paul, first settled by Pierre Parrant
Vincennes founded by François-Marie Bissot

Originally called Dominion Day, the name was changed in 1982, the year that Canada gained full independence from the United Kingdom

Canada’s national flag is seen on Canada Day. This consists of two vertical red rectangles separated by a white square. The white square contains a red image of a maple leaf. Canada’s national colors are red and white and are used in many ways on Canada Day. Some people wear red and white clothing and others paint their faces in these colors.

Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada

July 1 is a statutory holiday in Canada unless it falls on a Sunday; then it moves to July 2. All provincial governments observe this day. Many organizations, businesses and stores are closed, although some book stores, pharmacies and gas stations may be open. Post offices are closed. As Canada Day falls in the Canadian summer holiday period, all schools are closed.

Canada Day observances take place throughout Canada as well as internationally

If you would like to visit our vast, beautiful country, here’s a comprehensive travel guide

Every year on July 1st, the front lawn of Parliament in Ottawa is filled with Celebrating Canadians!

Historical facts aside, we think it’s the perfect long weekend for our pet polar bears (each Canadian has one you know) to just chill out and enjoy a cold one on a warm, sunny day.

The beaver on the other hand… we’ve tried to get him to relax, but without resorting to prescription meds, there doesn’t seem to be much chance of that.

Happy Birthday Canada !!

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