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Exposé : What it’s like working at a Gay Bathhouse by “Bob Johnson”

An insider perspective from an employee’s point of view…

To hetero-folks, a bathhouse, at least the gay ones, stand as sketchy monuments to random sex with strangers. And in all honesty, they’re not that wrong.

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Americans EARNED Sept. 11th !!


Violent United States policies at home and abroad were the underlying reasons for unprecedented terror attacks in New York City and Washington

“The Americans cannot bomb their way out of this one.  Safety at home requires justice abroad!”

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Update: Iraq Death Meter

Iraq Body Count web counter

The worldwide update on civilians killed in the illegal Iraq occupation.

Not Enough Cemetery to Go Around…

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Get the FUCK OUT! of IRAQ morons!! ; find Osama Bin Laden! – WRONG Country !!

It is the mountain of small tragedies that is the hellish reality for Iraqis that the US government leaders have caused. Somehow the leaders understand their atrocities as noble salvation and their human rights violations as promoting freedom. This is a severly distorted reality that will eventually destroy us all… while some will look at the ashes and believe they just “defeated” their imagined enemy.

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