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NEWZ! « This is NOT Amerika®

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and THE REST OF THE WORLD attempt to reason with the spoon-fed U.S. schoolboy. EMBARRASSING!

After 10 years at this, we’re bringing back an oldie but goodie. Starting in October 2018, we will crack open the audio vault and re-release highlights and Newlights of our award-winning series on fucked-up America.

We tried to stay away, but this trump fucker just keeps getting stupider and stupider! In short, there is just TOO MUCH FREE comedy GOLD to resist. This MORON keeps handing out beauties that just beg to be fondled…

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Social Media needs supervision !

Man discovers 1st mini Iceberg!

This quickie is designed to reach any moron who voted for president dump. More to come…

We’re on a planet in outer space!

We’re on a planet in outer space! Happy Earth Day 2018.

Scars on Broadway | 3005

Let’s clap our hands, for the president… and Jesus Christ, (and did I mention Charlie Manson and everybody else who was nice?)
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If A Tree Falls lyrics

Rain forest.
Mist and mystery.
Teeming green
Green brain facing lobotomy

Climate control center for the world ! Read the rest of this entry »

Iowa, not looking good!

Quik Pix of the flood damage…

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