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Crooked Billet Gig changed to Saturday 30th May 2009

LOST IN SPACE, 99 High Street Penge, UK

On Stage 9pm Free entry! Record Company Present !! Plz Make it good – reach to the max !

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Many Twitters are quitters: study

Today’s Twitters are often tomorrow’s quitters, according to data that questions the long-term success of the latest social networking sensation used by celebrities from Oprah Winfrey to Britney Spears.

Data from Nielsen Online, which measures Internet traffic, found that more than 60 percent of Twitter users stopped using the free social networking site a month after joining.
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Pastor’s rights ignored, receives taser blast instead…

This occured on the night of April 14/15, 2009

  • I told them I was a US citizen.
  • I told them I was on a business trip.
  • I told them I had no drugs or humans in the car.

That wasn’t enough. They wanted to search the car, and I invoked my 4th amendment rights. I was IN the United States!!! I had crossed no international border!!!

I DID NOT RESIST OR FIGHT BACK. YET I WAS TAZERED REPEATEDLY AND SHOVED IN BROKEN GLASS!  As Benjamin Franklin said, ” Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” Smart Guy. Franklin nevered dreamed that we would have checkpoints within our borders where citizens would be searched and beaten by Federal Agents.

FLASH! – Let’s Talk About PORK!





Steve Tuttle, Slimy Salesman

A “Taser” is an electroshock weapon meant to stun (not kill) a targeted “subject” (a.k.a. HUMAN BEING) from a distance. Almost 1,000 deaths! (so far.)

Currently there are two main models, the M26 and X26. Both come with various “accessories” (who DOESN’T love accessories!!), including a laser sight and mounted digital video camera that can record in low light situations. Taser International is also marketing a civilian model called the C2. (PROFITS!)

Click on this image for the hidden truth...

Click on this image for the hidden truth...

Taser is also in talks with the US Marine Corps in creating the “XREP” (eXtended Range Electronic Projectile), a wireless taser round that can be fired from a shotgun. (Holy Crap!) it’s ROBOCOPS!


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Europe mobilizes against spread of swine flu : Prevention tip!

Transmission methods

Note sandal...

(above) NOT recommended!

Louis | swine flu humiliation

i have to go to the hospital tomorrow to get my knee gandered at AGAIN by an m.d. that will refer me to a specialist and give me another extension of my off-work order.
my wife will drive me. it hurts to step on the brakes and i must admit to using other cars to stop my momentum in the
my wife insists we will wear those blue masks when we enter the hospital to avoid getting caught up in the beginning of the apocalypse. she’d rather stick around for the drama in the middle..or the end.
my one concern about going into the hospital is wearing the blue mask. i might be quarantined or simply executed on the spot.
i’ve been using a cane, but now both knee’s are going. i have a walker in the garage that i threaten to give to certain old-timers in a.a.
criminy. i might have to use it myself, or allow my wife to fetch a wheelchair, and push me in with my blue mask indicating that the swine flu has incapacitated me to the point of non-ambulation.
my doctor is hesitant to prescribe pain medication to me. he thinks i’m some kind of drug addict. heh
he also thinks i might be faking this whole thing so i dont have to go to work, and can sit home and drink wine. heh

This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

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