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If you don't think the Amerikin Gov't twisted Sweden's arm in order to "stop" Julian Assange, pleaze leave this blog now. You're too stupid to stay 🙂 PS: do NOT zoom the phreaky photo!!

Methinks it’s about time i weigh in on the wikileaks.x fiasco. Here goes:


But the elites don’t like people waking up and catching on to their evil program. So what do they do? Come up with this “Wikileaks is dangerous” nonsense so they can claim threats to national security, treason, etc, etc


Commentary has been interesting;

“Just another step closer to highly regulating the internet.

“It is a psych-ops program. Release a bunch of junk, disinfo, and a little handy propaganda against Iran. Then create a furor in your corporate controlled media and presto, internet under control. Free speech nullified.”

The power-hungry love to play both sides in an attempt to make a casualty of truth; for example, they may be telling us the truth using WikiLeaks directly or indirectly but attempting to steer us away from considering the implications of the truth contained within its holdings using fallacious arguments and appeals to embarrass coerce or bribe us away from the truth.

Fact 2: Mass ignorance is a breeding ground for oppression and tyranny.

Assange may or may not be a pawn; he may very well be a victim (google Fritz Springmeier and mind control–a man who was railroaded b/c he helped a lot of ppl escape the elites); maybe Assange is one of their trauma-kiddies who rebelled; maybe he’s in on it; and maybe he’s gone rogue like Hitler did–yes the “elites” supported Hitler too; although, I’m not saying Assange is a Hitler type. But it seems odd though that the power-hungry would like to rein him in, take him into custody and maybe appear to force him to reveal how he managed to set up WikiLeaks–or veer away from THE PLAN.

Wikileaks provides people a “checking function” against government excess and corruption. If the American people are to be the masters of their fate and of their elected government, they must be well-informed and have access to all information, ideas and points of view.

Regardless, i dislike the possibilities of why this WikiLeaks thing is happening. Isn’t there a Bilderberg meeting going on somewhere in the States? or Canada? Perhaps. I do know that there is a desire to make Canada, Mexico, US and the various others that make up North America into a Union like the European Union, the African Union, Pan-Pacific, et alii. Certain controls have to be “put into place”; especially elements this group of self-important sociopathic types fear–i.e., the freedom of the internet, and of our thoughts, will and G-d-given unalienable rights.

HOW can Obama’s Government be this fucking stupid?

Ooo the drama; the suspense of this world-wide feature theatre 🙂

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