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World-Wide Feature Theatre…

Abnormally Freaky Amerikin Army Arm

If you don't think the Amerikin Gov't twisted Sweden's arm in order to "stop" Julian Assange, pleaze leave this blog now. You're too stupid to stay 🙂 PS: do NOT zoom the phreaky photo!!

Methinks it’s about time i weigh in on the wikileaks.x fiasco. Here goes:
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Anonymous | Old Spice Responds

NEW! | send us some pictures!

Our web people just wrapped up a new conduit for your photos!! Any pix sent to the following target will automatically show up on this page. Kewl!


Click this picture to see the address!

Tits and ass welcome, but not required. Share anything you want to, we will keep your details out of it. For really sucky pictures, we reserve the right of refusal.


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