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My name is Alexandra Young, and I'm a fully transitioned male to female transsexual woman. I’m a Scot, and in my early 40’s


You’re no woman, does say the man like demon! You try to hide the man, but I see right through your plan.

How dare! you buck the trend.

For I’ve a good mind to inflict a beating from which you’ll never mend!

Why must you infect the innocent mind?
Boy, how I hate your kind! I want to live in a straight world full of real men. Not a Barbie cesspit full of She-men!

You make me sick, you sissy pr**k!
So come on and fight me like a real man.
Prove yourself for once, if you still can?

Ha! I laugh as you try to flee from me in such high heels.
Look, no one is even taking any notice of your pitiful squeals.
Oh, how I look forward to committing your body to yonder fields!

As I stand watching your lifeblood flow upon the tar.
The whole world hates you for what you really are!
So you see it’s my job to stop you, before you take this too far!!!

Poem by Alexandra Young., Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I didn’t think I would ever be back on-line writting my personal thoughts for all to read, including those of you I likely will never even know or meet in real life. In many ways it makes no sense to come back here, but it helps me deal with issues going on in my head when I do turn my thoughts and feelings into words.

The catalyst leading me back to my blog and the printing of my Hatred poem above, is the thought process and feelings I’m going through as a result of taking part in a ‘Hate Crime’ video being produced by the Central Scotland Police Force tomorrow.

It has brought back many a sad and hurtful memory of an event I prefer to keep supressed.

However, my public account will help get the message across to others about the effects of hate crime, and my discomfort will be worth while in the long term.The following account is what I placed down in writing for the Police, and will be the basics of what I say on the video (I likely will also eventually publish the video on my YouTube site):

I’m now living life as the real true me, and living it to the full. Suppression is now part of my history, and my future is forever onwards and upwards. I’m a honest and true human being on my own journey of life, and I hope this blog of mine gets that message over to you loud and clear.

Luv, Alexandra. xxx


About Alexandra Young:

I’m a blessed woman who has been given the opportunity to sample life in the role of both genders. Yes, I’m a male to female post-op transgendered woman in my 40’s who had full gender reasignment surgery on the 18th Nov ’08.

I’m from Falkirk in bonney Scotland, UK. I’m divorced, and have two lovely children from my former marriage who I still see on a regular basis. I’m at last living my new life to the full being the real me at last within society, and meeting lots of new and like minded and open minded friends. My blog entries have been a fully documented account of my transitional journey from the former suppressed person I had been, to the real and true woman I am today. I’m no longer writing to my blog, for I have now moved onto a new and settled life as the woman I should have been born as right from day one. I am what I am, and “A woman is born, not made, regardless of original physical gender”! My new moto in life is: “It’s not what I am, it’s who I am that counts!”

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