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Really hate to add to the stack of shit that’s been passing for News this past month, but I gots-ta-say-it – ENOUGH! with the fucking “coverage” of his Royal Assclown – Da Donald Duck Fuck. Duh.

Of course the headline was click bait – but if you ended up here, PLEASE leave a comment that counts. Have you too not had too much. The actual MISSED news stories include the possible starvation of close to a million people among others. Talk about FAKE NEWS LOL

As a non-american, my life is my own. Immune from the CNN and other mental diahhrrea, the Tee-Vee in my household was put out to pasture more than a decade ago. The constant barrage of bullshit and unbelievably brash advertising DO NOT INTEREST ME.

But in Amerikkka, a TV is actually considered a neccessity of life. How fucked is that? I hold nothing but pity for the Poor, Ignorant and huddled masses (did i get that right 🙂 who were either born or have “Come to America” in search of the “dream” and end up discovering what a fucking nightmare the USA really is.

Sooooooo… having stated the obvious, what’s the solve? Certainly Donnie will promise the moon to those poor fucks (they ACTUALLY elected this clown!) so the rednecks don’t assasinate his sorry ass; but his promising to “Make Amerika Great Agin” seems to be falling by the wayside. Too many broken promises and the NRA will be sending out emails again… so a solution may be imminent – somebody knocks this asshole off the throne.

Another are the powerful players on the world stage and it’s power structure deciding that Donny has to go. China vs Russia in a SuperPower Showdown that will threaten the entire planet. WHY do you think fuckface is slashing left and right? He’s NEVER going to get congress to approve any more money, so he’s sucking Putin dick and stoking the fires of discontent – this prick is LOOKING FOR WAR.

WAR = PROFIT. Look again at Haliburton and the Bush fiasco. Without war, there is no profit. It’s the american way! Donald Trump is a capitalist pig.

If the economy is down, pick a fight. It’s worked since Vietname and continues to be the ONLY way to stimulate the american economy. Munitions and vehicles MADE IN AMERICA, BY AMERICANS and used to extend their global reach – maybe to YOUR country? This LIBERATION is the only thing left for a country whose citizens have been raped and murdered by its own government. ALMOST 75% of the united states tax dollar goes to MILITARY SPENDING!!

HOLY FUCK. Directly or indirectly, that country is ALWAYS at WAR – if not “makin’ the world safer” then with itself.

Gotta go vomit now – think I’ll spew forth into the toilet that is AMERICA.

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