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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day !!

Little Irish Girl Prank Calls

Becky is featured on an Irish morning radio show.

Here’s a charming young girl from Dublin, making prank phone calls at the age of 8 !

[ed.] Fill yer boots, man!

Smithwick’s, how I adore thee!

Happy St. Patrick's DayI think that anyone who gets fucking blasted on a regular basis would agree that St. Patrick’s Day is the best among all lesser holidays. It is a day in which we celebrate beer; the banishment of snakes; beer; leprechauns; leprechauns who like beer; the color green; green beer, and a guy named Patrick, whom I assume liked beer.
One of the best tasting beers, in my esteemed opinion, is Smithwick’s, (prounounced Smithick’s, Smittick’s, Smidick’s or Smeth-ick’s in Ireland) which is Ireland’s oldest ale. Smithwick’s was originally brewed in St. Francis Abbey in Kilkenny, where monks had brewed ale since the 14 century. It is the oldest operating brewery in Ireland, founded by John Smithwicks in 1710.

Smithwick’s has a smooth texture and a bitter finish. Regarded as a local favorite by Irish pub goers, this delicious, fucking yum-tastic beer is the third most popular in Ireland, and the number one selling brand that isn’t a stout or cider. Oh, Smithwick’s, how I adore thee!