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Joyeux Festin Chez McDonald

What the Hell is Celine Dion Talking About!?

Awww!! that’s beautiful!! it’s because she is a natural vocal artist!! she understands notes and music .. she feels the emotion in the sounds!!! Cluudddettttee… LMAO

You Know You’re a Montrealer when…

You pronounce it “Muntreal“, not “Mahntreal”.

You have ever said anything like “I have to stop at the guichet before we get to the dep.”

Your only concern about jaywalking is getting a ticket.
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On the Road with Mr. Anonymous®

We’re here!! The Anonymous® Show and Co. have landed at Montreal’s Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport for the 30th anniversary of the Montreal JAZZFEST!

Festival International de Jazz de Montreal

Festival International de Jazz de Montreal

We are thrilled to be here and will be bringing some extra special posts to this blog. Starting with our attendance at the Stevie Wonder concert on Tuesday the 30th, 9pm. We are told the crowd could well exceed 250,000 people!! Good thing I’m not CLAUSTROPHOBIC, I do however wonder if anyone will notice when i can’t quite make it to the port-o-potties 🙂

French Quote:

“I use English to make money, and French to make love!” — Montreal taxi driver

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This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

St-Jean-Baptiste Celebrations!

Popular annual celebrations take place in French Canada on 24 June (the feast day of St John the Baptist) or on the days before or after this date.

The Quebec Flag (Drapeau)

Following a tradition the origin of which is lost in antiquity, many people, among them the Gauls, lit fires to celebrate the summer solstice. According to the Jesuit Relations and the Journal des Jésuites, this tradition was revived on the banks of the St Lawrence in 1636. In 1646 the Journal reported that ‘on 23 June the fire for St-Jean was lit at half-past eight in the evening… One heard five cannon shots and two or three discharges from muskets.’
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