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Redact my genitals? “Nevermind.”

1991 iconic album cover.

In a strange news story, the baby you see above has hired a few scum-sucking (is that hyphenated?) lawyers to attempt to wrestle CASH MONEY from 30 years back.

FUCK YOU RETARD !! You had a small duck then and my guess is it’s still a puny prick – like you. On the other hand, you ARE chasing money in the photo… aren’t you?

So… self fulfilling prophecy? Or just greedy fuck. Google if you give a shit about the story – we don’t.

Sunday: Dad does it up right…?!

Passing it On…

If you were lucky enough (like many children) to watch your Dad putz around his “workshop” READ THIS!

You may find these tips helpful around YOUR house/garage…
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