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CZECH it out | What hides behind the seven locks?

In contrast to the crown jewels of many other European empires or royalty, the Czech crown jewels cannot be found on public display in a museum. On the contrary, for much of the time they are kept in a carefully protected room deep in the bowels of Prague’s St. Vitus Cathedral. The remains of Czech kings are kept inside as well as valuable Christian relics, all stored in a treasury secured with seven locks. In fact, they only rarely see the light of day, and only for short periods of time.

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July 2009 | Holidaze Update!

Sooooooooooo… where and what the fuck is up for summer 2009?

Well… as you already know, we are always off travelling from July 1st to September 1st. That means no LIVE! shows, but we will be checking in from time to time as we explore our audiences (think anal probe) and hopefully capture some intesresting content for our Fall Season.

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