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Zaftig or OBESE?™️| the attempted normalization of PHAT in America

This woman is UNHEALTHY !!

What is this marketing coming down the pike? Am I really supposed to groove on Donkey’s BIG BUTT ditty and believe we weren’t REALLY supposed to tease the fuck out of fattyass Lori in grade seven? Fuckyou! FAT is FAT is FAT. STOP your bullshit lies, I ain’t buying it assclowns…

Speaking the unspeakable? No. YOU ARE TOO FUCKING FAT !

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Obesity – losing it & keeping it lost

Short little video by an American gurl living in Australia throws the focus on overeating.

Thanx 2 &

[Editor]  and in what has to be RELATED news:

Woman says love handles saved her life

Strange News

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Overweight, flaccid married man on the prowl…

Yep, my husband, for the third time, is prowling the intertubes looking for some half-blind, brain dead female to tell him he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. He needs to hear this every day – especially when he’s sitting in his recliner for the 16th consecutive hour watching the Sci-Fi channel with the remote in one hand and a bag of Chips Read the rest of this entry »

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