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Happy Mother’s Day… Scumbag!

This is really, really gross. To willingly and smilingly introduce your child to the notion of violent homicide by cutening up a machine that is designed to inflict as much damage as possible to the human body. This is abuse.
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WHY are so many Amerikins “gun-retarded?”

Big hairy man monkey thing

Big hairy man monkey thing

Maybe it’s because their male children are unfairly influenced by that country’s penchant for military service? Read the rest of this entry »

Fucktards™ UNITE! – from the NRA’s so-called “News” Channel

I pulled this off the American National Rifle ASSociation’s website. Can you fucking believe these MORONS!!!

Their PROPAGANDA/”News” article is named: “SAFE AT SCHOOL” – Yeah, RIGHT! – That’s ALL this world needs, MORE fucking Guns in our SCHOOLS !!

These assclowns are RETARDED! (Oppsss… sorry, that would be an INSULT to retarded people !!)

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