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Bad Mother’s Day | Josef Fritzl

Josef Fritzl; damaged goods?

Josef Fritzl kept his sick mother locked up in an attic, no daylight for twenty years.

• Treatment of mother was ‘revenge for abuse she inflicted’

“She never showed me any love, she beat me and kicked me until I was on the floor and bleeding,” he said. “I felt so weak and humiliated. I never got a kiss from her or even a hug although I tried very hard to please her. I had a horrible fear from her. She kept insulting me and told me I was a Satan, a criminal, a no-good.” This abusive relationship with his mother fed his life as a rapist.
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SONDAY: Happy Mother’s Day !

Norman & Mother, Early 1941Just a friendly reminder to all our listeners, Mum’s day is here! – and we all know what happens if you forget… Butt Seriously

Mr. Anonymous® Cast & Crew extend warm wishes for a wonderful day to all Mothers :

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