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It’s time to stop killing animals.

“Cunting” is a way of life in some countries (U.K) but it’s 2018!

Listen in 2019 as we hunt the hunters and explain what the word “civilization” means.

FRANKENFONE© | Can YOU put it down?

It’s a brave new world. And it’s affecting you daily in a most insidious way – the death of intimacy and the lost art of conversation. Many people simply cannot relate to others unless a keyboard is present. Read the rest of this entry »

NEWZ! « This is NOT Amerika®

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and THE REST OF THE WORLD attempt to reason with the spoon-fed U.S. schoolboy. EMBARRASSING!

After 10 years at this, we’re bringing back an oldie but goodie. Starting in October 2018, we will crack open the audio vault and re-release highlights and Newlights of our award-winning series on fucked-up America.

We tried to stay away, but this trump fucker just keeps getting stupider and stupider! In short, there is just TOO MUCH FREE comedy GOLD to resist. This MORON keeps handing out beauties that just beg to be fondled…

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Exposé : What it’s like working at a Gay Bathhouse by “Bob Johnson”

An insider perspective from an employee’s point of view…

To hetero-folks, a bathhouse, at least the gay ones, stand as sketchy monuments to random sex with strangers. And in all honesty, they’re not that wrong.

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i don’t like it when people know about me | PROMISE KEEPER

Big Jim had spooked the shit out of me. Videos and speakers. Who would have thought he was getting this advanced? Then he’s calm as can be and turns me loose with a bike. I needed a shot of cognac. I put the bike in the garage. The weight bench still had white stains from the cocaine on it. I ran my finger over the stain and licked it. Twang! It changed my mind. No coke. Read the rest of this entry »

Promise Keeper | going apeshit

I stopped in the garage to store the monkey head.
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Sunday: A Spoonful of Sugar?

photo of cocaine hydrochloride

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