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In case you did not know, we currently find ourselves in a steady decline of our freedoms and privacy, with increasing levels of mass state surveillance and repression all over the world (see report from Privacy International)

Why do you need anonymity?

Without taking any precautions, your Internet Service Provider, the State, the Police and Global Surveillance Systems like ECHELON (which is not a conspiracy theory; see this report from the European Parliament) can record what you do online: what you read, what you write and who you communicate with.

This is possible since all messages sent over the Internet contain the IP addresses of both the sender and receiver, much like an ordinary mail sent through the postal system contain addresses of both sender and receiver for two-way communication.

IP addresses can easily be traced back to the physical location of the computers and their owners, and from that ultimately back to you. If you do not mind this fact, then more power to you, but if you do mind, then Incognito might be just what you need.

How does Incognito provide you anonymity?

First of all, true anonymity is impossible. Given enough resources an attacker will get you. What one can do is to make the cost of doing that so high that it becomes infeasible.

Incognito tries to do this by sending all your Internet traffic through the Tor™ network which makes your Internet traffic very hard to trace. If someone tries to trace you when you are using Incognito, the trail will stop somewhere in Tor network with the IP addresses of some of its participants, not your. Similarly, if someone tries to see destination of your traffic, they will only reach as far as some computer in the Tor network. In fact, you will be the only one knowing exactly what is going on – not even the computers in the Tor network that you send your traffic through will know the whole picture!
iNCOGNITO!™ Proxy Service*

Anonymize your internet activity: works with ALL your applications!

  • Email, P2P file sharing
  • Chat Rooms, Newsgroups
  • FTP transfers, Web Cams!!

There are many reasons people have for wanting to surf anonymously, ranging from simple paranoia in terms of protecting personal data, to hiding browsing activities from other users of a computer including parents, spouses, or even other organizations.The most obvious anonymous browsing application for most people is in internet cafes, on public terminals, using wireless or even wired access points away from home, or in fact, on any PC including your own, where you don’t want to leave traces of your private surfing

Some other browsing activity cleaners exist that clear the cache, cookies, history and other traces, some are even available as a standard in most browsers, but anonymous browsing goes a step further.

All anonymizing browser proxy based services create a secure encrypted connection between the PC you are using and the first anonymizing proxy server.

This allows you to safely transmit information with little risk of local interception, making it ideal for surfing on open Wi-Fi networks, or in hotels while travelling.

Poker/Casino, Video Conferencing, Online Games, Instant Messenging, Blog comments, VOIP (Skype™ etc.)

* our service is NOT available to U.S. citizens!

Anonymous browsing is doing well, and a number of both free and subscription based browsing applications and services have become available.

Two dominant free services exist which provide the foundation for secure, anonymous browsing.

The JAP network was good enough that the German Police insisted in 2004, that a backdoor be put into the product to allow interception of child pornographers. This was done, but subsequently removed as a result of court action by the JAP development team.

The alternative is * TOR * (The Onion Ring), which is a system that not only allows anonymous browsing but also anonymous P2P, email, IM, and IRC chat.

Given the US Navy origin of Tor, the suspicion inevitably arises that this system may have a permanent backdoor. More worrying was a raid by German police in September 2006 involving the seizure of some Tor servers in that country. Again, pedophiles were the supposed target, but who really knows.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to use anonymous browsing services, or criticizing others for wanting to use them, we will not debate the political, legal, moral, ethical and other reasons, but simply present the available technology.

We are very serious about privacy, to learn more; leave us a message requesting details.

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