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It’s time to start saving Ukraine

So easy to be “shocked and saddened” from the comfort of your leather easy chair! – however there are people from around the globe who are rallying to the Ukraine’s defence by volunteering time, money and their lives as freedom fighters. Not enough.

I truly believe (as much as I abhor violence) that the only real response to motherfucker Putin is to neutralize and neuter this prick and hang his balls in a museum.

There is only one response and that has to be all out war whether we want to see World War III or not this may very well be Putin‘s endgame and his intended legacy!

From our end it’s called defence and there is no valid replacement – diplomacy has failed and history repeats itself as Hitler and his ilk rear their power-hungry heads at once more from the grave. Are any Jews at risk? – damn straight – of course there are.

Please, please – let’s stay as OUTRAGED as we were at the beginning of Poutine’s invasion. As is the norm, some people are generally inclined to tune out the “NEW(s) once a certain time has passed. Because, it’s not NEW anymore. As the Americans did in WWII, until Japan attacked Pearl and woke them up – I don’t see any way out of this except DIRECT conflict with Russia – no matter the cost. Men, women and more horribly, CHILDREN have been killed and more are dying while the Kremlin laughs at the WORLD… are we prepared to stand idly by and wait until he NUKES the Ukraine?

Woke up this morning to news that a post that was providing weapons and fighters for Ukraine was wiped out. Canada provided much of that help. Provocative action from Moscow. Sure, we REALLY don’t want WW3 but that may be Putin’s end game. WITH or without us…

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