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FuckBook finally crawls back online

After an 8hr global outage, Mark Fuckerberg‘s giant piece of shit returns. Too bad. The quiet was entirely too loud for some users.

I’ve never liked Facebook. It is “a wasteland of meaningless titillation and degradation.”

During the initial Covid-19 outbreak, you most probably tried out fuckbook for the first time or resurrected an existing account.

We did both. Then in December of 2020, we took out the trash and joyously deleted four accounts we had been toying with. Satisfied!

Reminiscent of a monkey who first realizes that he can have an effect on his immediate environment, Web 2.0 made all the difference when the little jerkoff Amerikin redneck in some shit-hole trailer park discovered that with an old second hand windoze desktop or mobile phone he can write something and it will appear on the (wait for it) the “net” just like magic ! God save us all.

The only real usefulness I could see during my few months tour was as trash receptacle for all that stupid shit people would previously distribute through email; you remember those attachments – joke of the day, cat photos and other useless garbage.

Didn’t like that crap then – certainly didn’t appreciate seeing it all in one place as a never-ending waterfall of mind-numbing trite content that serves absolutely no valid purpose except to generate web traffic.

Multi-zillionaire Mark Fuckerberg in crisis.

Very much like the porn sites who use the prettiest girls photos to attract potential subscribers, Facebook needs Facebookers or there are no eyeballs to sell and resell to.

I could go on and on about the addiction but I won’t. Fuck Facebook and fuck you for wasting your goddamned valuable time!!

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