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Cobra Kills Chef with bite – 20 Minutes After Head Cut Off !

Snake with head still intact lol

From the “DON’T TURN YOUR FUCKING BACK ON DEADLY ANIMALS DEPARTMENT” comes this major strange story out of China…

Deaths due to snake bites might be common, but a chef in China recently had a tragic incident where he was bitten by a snake after he cut off its head.

Chef Peng fan from Foshan, located in the Guangdong province of South China, was making a soup that is prepared from the meat of an Indochinese cobra snake. He first cut off the cobra’s head, set it aside and started preparing the soup. When he came back 20 minutes later for the snake meat and to dispose of the head, the cobra bit the chef in its head-only state, killing him.

Guests in the restaurant heard a lot of commotion before finding out what happened. By the time the police and the ambulance got there, Chef Peng Fan had already died.

Apparently it is common for cobras to be reactive for an hour after being beheaded. A policeman also said that this cobra’s venom is particularly bad since it contains neurotoxins that can kill or paralyse someone within 30 minutes.

Ed; too bad nobody told the chef this !!

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