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Happy Mother’s Day… Scumbag!

This is really, really gross. To willingly and smilingly introduce your child to the notion of violent homicide by cutening up a machine that is designed to inflict as much damage as possible to the human body. This is abuse.

Seven people were killed on Sunday in Colorado Springs, the year’s 194th mass shooting, according to the nonprofit group Gun Violence Archive.

The wave of violence that’s rocked America has led to new calls for gun control measures.

But on Sunday ― Mother’s Day ― the National Rifle Association posted a meme suggesting that mothers arm their young daughters.

“MAMA DIDN’T RAISE A VICTIM” read the text over an image of a woman and a young girl with their firearms.

What a disturbing, vapid culture.

What a horror show.

What an absolutely morally bankrupt, destructive and repulsive group of grifters.

So, the NRA is saying that if something happens to women, it’s their own fault for not being armed. Fuck this criminal, terrorist organization.

Can Congress declare the NRA as a terrorist organization and get them defunded?

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