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QAnon and other dark forces are radicalizing uneducated America!

We won’t name this motherfucker because that’s the only reason he’s dressed like a retard (sorry REAL retards) fuck you stoopid!

QAnon is an American conspiracy theory. But its central belief is this: A government official with top-secret “Q” clearance anonymously posted cryptic clues about secret investigations being conducted by Trump into a “deep state” cabal of elites that controlled a child sex trafficking ring.

Say what?

Doctor retard said that his “research” into the secretive groups he believes control the worldIlluminati, Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg group, among others — predated the rise of the QAnon movement.

“When you really do enough research,” he said, “it all ties together.

Retard in the stupid hat&horns 😂

WE DONT FUCKING CARE you moron!!!!

Parts of this article originally appeared in Arizona Republic: QAnon man in fur hat, and ridiculous horns during Capitol riot, arrested

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