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Zaftig or OBESE?™️| the attempted normalization of PHAT in America

This woman is UNHEALTHY !!

What is this marketing coming down the pike? Am I really supposed to groove on Donkey’s BIG BUTT ditty and believe we weren’t REALLY supposed to tease the fuck out of fattyass Lori in grade seven? Fuckyou! FAT is FAT is FAT. STOP your bullshit lies, I ain’t buying it assclowns…

Speaking the unspeakable? No. YOU ARE TOO FUCKING FAT !

Why this topic? Why now? Weell – yours truly ALSO gained weight during lockdown. 15 pounds. Between Netflix, Crave, Disney Channel and the rest of those 30 day free trials PLUS PIZZA and every other fucking take away, BAM! ….FATTY PANTS has arrived.

No biggie [sic] because I refuse to accept this as my « new normal » That would be stoopid. I know – you know what HEALTHY looks like.

This ain’t it. Being OVER your ideal weight creates a litany of health issues, not the least of which is a shortened lifespan! Who wants that?–the-attempt-at-normalizing-FAT-PEOPLE-in-America-ennpro

CALL US if you want to be interviewed about your experience with living as a fat person.

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