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It’s International Men’s Day! 2020

November nineteenth is IMD

Feminism? Maninism. Yes, it’s a thing.

International women’s day often makes me cringe. Waay too happy!

Sure – equal rights and other issues are highlighted, BUTT all too often it degenerates into an US vs THEM mindset.

I’m all for equal anything, but men and women will NEVER be “equal” any more than elephants and whales 🐳 can be. To think that is just STOOPID. Men and women COMPLETE each other (sorry lesbians) and are designed to compliment each other.


Many moons ago, I remember a book on the bestseller list that remains on my reading list,,_Women_Are_from_Venus

I am a man. In every way possible. I like being a man. I cannot imagine not being male. I REALLY don’t need somebody’s book to clue me into the difference between us.

In 2020, many men are lost.

Homer Jay Simpson is a fictional character and one of the main protagonists of the American animated sitcom The Simpsons.

The very idea that the “typical” MAN, a HUSBAND and FATHER is purportedly a babbling moron (fictional or not) is completely OFFENSIVE!

Portraying men in the film industry as gun-toting murdering motherfuckers is equally disgusting.

Exposure to these archetypes is leading young minds astray. Moreover, these rampant “active shooter” events are deeply rooted in now decades old male persecution!

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