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Party’s over; all Clowns must now leave the building!

Y’all gotta admit, it “has-been” really entertaining! (תודה סאכה)

Finally, America’s funhouse and the world’s nightmare is over. Fuckface, aka Donny Trump has lost the 2020 presidential election.

That sorry assclown made the cardinal mistake; lying to the public with NO political experience!

Sure you tell lies in politix – but they are carefully calculated by a team of SEASONED veterans who understand that what’s required is “little white lies” and not outright deception!

Donny and Joe. Two Seniors on a mission!

Trump, being the stupid fuck he is, in a desperate last-ditch effort, gave himself Covid. That was a COMPLETE LIE.

The poor doctors who “treated” him were sworn to secrecy by the claim it was a “homeland security” issue. BULLSHIT !!

I’m cured of Covid!” (Right 😂)

His rapid recovery was simply unbelievable and spoke volumes about the lengths he was prepared to go to retain POWER. People who think AND ACT that way are DANGEROUS!

GOOD RIDDANCE!! Fuck you – It’s a TRUMP! DUMP!

One more thing…

Even though Joe has won, Donny has another THREE MONTHS IN OFFICE!

He only has to leave at the end of January.

Just think what that crybaby will be up to while he bets on the Supreme Court overturning the election results.

We can only hope that the men and women in those missile silos have stopped drinking the Kool-aid too.

Joseph Biden. America’$ New shepherd. Welcome back Joe!

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