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8:46 • the little time it takes to kill

If you don’t think this WHITE cop is armed to the teeth and you accept this insane level of militarized police, you’re a HUGE part of the problem. American cops always choose to use lethal force without thinking about how to deescalate the situation – that’s no fun!!

By now, we all know the story of dead George Floyd. NOTHING NEW. Cops have been killing black men since forever. The difference this time is C-19 has contributed to people’s tolerance to bullshit and any excuse to LEAVE your fucking house is a welcome reason. So, what now?

How much fucking CLEARER can this be?

This has cost George HIS LIFE! Not amusing in the least. Look at this ridiculous excuse for “law enforcement” – it’s NOT! It’s a public execution!!! It is a murder visited upon a poor black man who was kiting cheques to buy whatever. Shall we kill YOU because your Wal*Mart credit card bill remains unpaid?

The Victim, Mr. George Floyd
The murderer, former cop Derek fuckhead.

This thing will play out, fade away and very little will change. The problem is that Americans are choosing the wrong people to become cops. The REAL solution is in the Police Academies – I know of countries where a minimum of a college degree is required to be given a badge and a gun.


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