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Ms. Piggy gets a New Phat Drug

In the vast wasteland that is the Internet, BIG Pharma has shat yet another advertisement for (yet another) miracle drug…

I don’t know about you, but this one just stinks. Preying on the poor innocent fatties who are so fucking depressed that all they do is sit on their asses@work, eat ALL the wrong things and then go home to their pathetic single-girl apartments – turn on that fucking idiot box (television) and watch “friends” or its current equivalent as they spin round-and-round on the hamster wheel that is their pathetic fucking existence.

And don’t ask Mom for any guidance, she’s part of the problem. America is FILLED to the brim with FAT men and women who will die young from self-inflicted disease such as type II diabetes and other dangerous illnesses brought on simply by OVEReating!

STOP KILLING YOURSELVES. Choose life – not drugs. This WILL NOT WORK. Try changing your diet, deleting your Facebook account, RIPPING that flatscreen off the living room wall and putting your TV IN THE TRASH BIN. Or, you could just die instead. Your call…

Wikipedia info (so far) :

How will she feel on her first day of (surely you mean ON, right) SAXENDA®️

Tune in and help us find out. If you have ANY experience with this shit, plz contact us by leaving a comment on this article and we will contact you for an ANONYMOUS INTERVIEW. That show will be published in 2020.

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